I thought there might be some interest in these six links to the National Library of Scotland's Scottish Screen Archive.


  • The first shows men of the the Gordon Highlanders leaving Aberdeen to fight in the Boer War in 1899.



  • The second shows the 4th Battalion of Queen's Own Cameron Highlanders marching past the camera while stationed near Bedford with the rest of the 51st Highland Division in 1914, or perhaps very early 1915.



  • And the third shows the Argylls at Campbeltown in 1914. I wonder how many of them came back to Scotland in one piece after the First World War



  • The fourth shows Glasgow-based Territorial soldiers training in around 1935. The Cameronian/Scottish Rifles and Glasgow Highlanders both feature prominently.



  • The fifth dates from 1935 and marks the 50th anniversary celebrations for the Queen's Own Cameron Highlanders' depot in Inverness

Cameron Barracks


  • The sixth is more modern. It shows the Queen's Own Highlanders on parade at Holyrood in 1964.


And one from Pathe film news

This might be of interest. It shows Black Watch in Korea circa 1953




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